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Welcome to - Two Rivers Insurance Services' premier web site for voluntary payroll deduction benefit programs. On these pages you will find enrollment information for the Voluntary Payroll Deduction Programs we offer to our employment groups.

If you are an employee of one of our groups, the tabs down the left side of the site will take you to descriptions, costs and enrollment pages for our programs that are offered to you on a voluntary payroll deduction basis. Please browse these pages taking note of the benefits, open enrollment periods and rules for each of the benefits as well as any special disclosures that may be present. If you have any questions please email us at

If you are not in one of our employment groups but would as an employer, employee, or association, like to see these benefits or services like these offered in your workplace, email to contact us for a confidential discussion on these and other voluntary benefit programs that are available for your worksite or association. Please also visit our and web sites for more information on our services. Our companies offer innovative, full service benefit options with on-site and remote enrollment, billing, COBRA, and Flexible Spending Account Administration services.

BONUS OFFER: All of our clients and visitors to this site automatically qualify for the EPIC Hearing Health Care Discount Program. To access this important offer, simply call 1-877-606-3742 or 1-866-956-5400 and say you are a client of Two Rivers Insurance Services and EPIC Hearing will send you a free program access packet in the mail.

Open enrollment for the voluntary payroll deduction vision insurance is in January and February. The effecitve date of the applications, changes, or terms is April 1st.